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Q: "I’m a beginner, do you offer beginner classes? Which class should I start with?”


A: All of our mat based classes (mat Pilates, yoga, barre, circuit) are mixed level classes and appropriate for beginners to advanced students.  Our skilled teachers will offer any modifications necessary for beginners yet still offering variations for those ready to take the work to the next level. For beginners working with a specific injury or issue, private sessions may be the best place to start with the goal of working up to a group setting.  If you would like to discuss your specific situation or have more questions please feel free to  contact us here or call us at 916-846-2957.

Q: "I want to try out Ulu Love, how do I get started?"


A: Great! We look forward to having you at the studio. We have a new student special 30 days for $30.  This special allows you to take as many mat Pilates, circuit, yoga, MOTR, Bodhi, and barre classes as you can in 30 consecutive days. During this time, you can also try one of our Pilates Equipment classes (schedule this at the front desk) for $30. This package will give you a chance to try the different formats we offer and work with different instructors as well.

For those interested in starting with private sessions we recommend starting with a private special of 1 session for $85.  This option gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trainer and your specific needs can be addressed. Either of these specials can be purchased from our online store. Once you purchase the 30 days for $30 package, you can begin to register for classes. If you purchase the private training special, contact our studio to set up your appointment. You can find a class you’d like to attend, arrive 10 minutes early, and we can get you set up then too.


Q: ”What should I wear? Do I need socks or shoes?”

A: Comfortable, movable yoga or athletic wear work the best. Shoes are typically not worn (unless needed due to foot injury) and if you do wear socks, make sure they are non-slip or have grips on the bottom. We do offer these types of socks for sale at the studio. These are not required but can be nice to wear during your workouts. We offer Balanced Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Flow Yoga. In Balanced Yoga, the focus is on getting into a pose, holding it for a series of breaths and focusing on alignment. Props are also used to help achieve proper alignment.

In Flow Yoga, the focus is on moving from one pose to another so they “flow” together. This is typically done in a one breath, one pose type of sequencing. Yin Yoga is a very passive type class that focus on release, relaxation, and stretching. This is great for those that have very tight muscles, have high stress, or just need to relax and unwind.


Q: "What are barre classes?”

If we had to describe a barre class in one word it would be FUN!

Our barre classes infuses fun music with small, specific moves to target muscles you didn’t even know existed! The classes focuses on legs, gluts, abs, and arms to get a great all over workout and because it’s done to tempo music you also get the benefit of cardio work as well.

In under one hour you will truly get everything you need so if you’re looking to tone, lift, or tighten anything this is definitely the class for you.

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