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Center Your Strength. Meet Friends for Life.
About me


Welcome to Ulu, a destination if you are seeking balance, stress reduction, and better heath and fitness.

An Ulu (Oo-loo) is a multi purpose knife used by women all over the world dating back to at least 2500 bc. It was used in everything from building homes to preparing food.  The Ulu was handed down generation to generation and they believed their ancestors knowledge was passed with it. Because of the unique shape of the knife the strength comes from the center, just as in the fundamental principles of Pilates Yoga and Barre. We offer a variety of Pilates, yoga, and barre classes, taught by qualified instructors who will help guide you on your journey towards wellness, no matter what your goals.



Barre - Our unique Barre class blends pilates, dance and yoga movements to give you an all body workout.

Cardio Barre - This class takes mat Pilates and kicks it up a notch.

*Dynamic Pilates - In this session, you'll do muscle lengthening exercises, cardio and you'll use the pilates equipment.

Flow Yoga - Flow offers a dynamic journey into asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and relaxation techniques.

Mat Pilates - Developed by Joseph Pilates as a physical therapy program, this class is for beginners and those experienced as well.

*Ulu Circuit - Our Ulu Circuit class offers the best of everything at our studio for one, jam-packed hour of working out.

Ulu Pilates - Our Ulu Pilates combines the muscle-sculpting, core building benefits of Pilates plus the flexibility advantages of yoga.

Yoga Flow- Provides students a dynamic journey into asana (postures), pranayama (breath control) and relaxation techniques in a flowing, graceful and challenging dance of yoga. Sequences are designed to cultivate core strength, endurance, flexibility, concentration and stability, all while having fun and getting in touch with your breath and body.

Yin Yoga - when you're in need of deep relaxation and rejuvenation this class is for you.

Pilates Equipment - Our equipment class focuses on alignment and strengthening while challenging students in mind and body. Equipment options include the reformer, tower, chairs, spine corrector, MOTR and mat work.

*Grip Socks Required

private training


We love to work with our clients one-on-one because this is the best way to give our clients exactly what they need. We customize our programs, so when you are working with us, it’s all about YOU.

Why consider private training?

Private Training is Convenient: Sometimes the regular class schedule just doesn’t work for your schedule. Private training is done by appointment, so we make this available to you when it is convenient for your busy schedule.


Private Training is Efficient: When working with you one on one, we customize our program to meet your personal goals. Your time with us is spent focusing exclusively on YOU. So, you are going to meet your goals faster!

We focus on Your Needs & Goals: Our customized programs are not a one size fits all approach. Whether you are post-rehab, or are an athlete training for a specific event, we develop a program appropriate for you.

If any of the following statements resonate with you, you should consider private sessions:

  • My busy schedule conflicts with regularly scheduled class.

  • I’m recovering from an injury or illness.

  • I want to make the most of my time, with something designed specifically for me.

  • While I can’t make it to a class even though I really want to go, I always keep my appointments!

  • I feel easily distracted or feel competitive in a group class.

  • I’m at a plateau in my regular practice, and feel that I need personal attention to progress.

  • I’m interested in developing a home practice to fit my personal needs.

  • I’m new to Pilates/yoga and need help to get started.

  • I’m afraid to go into a group class setting.

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30 D​ays for $30

Unlimited Fitness Classes

New Clients Only


Unlimited Fitness Classes


Group Apparatus Classes - Once per Wk.


The Everything Package

Unlimited Fitness Classes Two Group Apparatus Classes per Wk.


Group Apparatus Classes - Twice per Wk.


One Month Unlimited

Unlimited Yoga/Mat/Barre Classes


10 Class Fitness Pack


5 Class Fitness Pack


10 Group Equipment Classes



Group Equipment Class Walk-in


5 Private sessions for


Single Fitness Class


One Private Session


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