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My name is Brittany, I have been practicing Yoga for close to 2 decades and teaching Yoga since 2011. My personal journey with Yoga had its up and downs. Times when I spent a year or more not connecting to my mat, or myself. But there was something special about Yoga that kept me coming back, and it was deeper than just my body needed to move. I craved grounding, connection, authenticity and what was sacred and real. In 2008 I took my first Yoga teacher training in Tempe Arizona, and over the years since, have deepened my studies through numerous workshops, retreats, trainings and self study. The practice was with me all through my awkward teens, crazy 20’s and into my adventuresome 30’s. The Yoga practice held me up through thick and thin, heart break and triumph, addiction, sobriety, cancer, self esteem challenges, you name it. Yoga was my constant go to no matter what was happening in life. It gave me space to reconnect with myself, heal, process, gain strength and confidence as I grew along my path. I practice and I teach because after all, Yoga is powerful. It transforms us, heals us, supports and nurtures us through the many stages and lessons of life. This practice awakens our gifts and graces and opens us to potential and possibilities. And oh yeah, you will also become strong and flexible. Come practice! Let us move our bodies, explore our edge, calm our minds and connect back to our true self. I am inspired by Anusara, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha and Universal Yoga methods and lineages. I am grateful for my teachers + illuminators Dina Lang, Christina Sell, Meghan Maris, Rod Stryker, David Swenson, Andrey Lappa, and many more.

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