Comprehensive Pilates Training

Studio Lotus is excited to offer Pilates Sports Center  (PSC) Teacher Training Program.  PSC is an world famous and internationally recognized approach, teaching a modernized version of the discipline created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, one that honors the history of the method while incorporating contemporary principals and knowledge. Students of the Pilates teacher will develop in the classical and progressive style of Pilates. Students will also experience creative training and finely crafted programming skills for all proficiency levels.

Prerequisite: Reformer II or Reformer certification

Dates TBD

Balanced Body Barre® Training

Saturday, June 3 – Sunday, June 4, 2017

Balanced Body Barre® takes the best of the original Lotte Berk method and updates it with Balanced Body Movement Principles to create a high energy, safe and fun workout appropriate for all fitness levels and ages.

It is the ideal compliment to a Pilates practice, adding energy, new clientele and functional fitness. Balanced Body Barre® instructor training covers Barre-based movement principles, class formats and music playlists for a variety of 60 minute classes. This course gives participants the proper form and variations.

Small props such as small balls, resistance bands and dumbbells are introduced. Balanced Body Barre emphasizes safety and body awareness while keeping the intensity and high energy of a Barre workout at the forefront. Instructors will come away able to teach in any setting. Balanced Body Barre®:

  • Provides variety and cross-training for you and your clients.
  • Enhances revenue flow at your facility.
  • Diversifies your teaching capabilities.
  • Gives you the support of the Balanced Body community.

Cost: $450 plus $80 materials

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MOTR™ Training

Dates TBD

Combine the core principles of Pilates, the power of aerobic conditioning and the balance and release exercises of a foam roller in this inspiring workshop!

The MOTR is a small, inexpensive piece of equipment that allows you to train your clients anywhere while focusing on key principles of alignment, balance, core control and functional movement patterns. Exercises can be easily varied to provide appropriate challenges for clients at any level of fitness from senior citizens to professional athletes. You will learn key positions and exercises on the MOTR as well as sequences and programming for private and group classes.

Appropriate for anyone with a strong movement background.

Cost: $450 plus $80 materials

Bodhi® Training

Dates TBD

A dynamic, whole-body suspension system that challenges core strength, flexibility and proprioception.

Balanced Body brings the precision and movement principles of Pilates to suspension training with the Bodhi Suspension System®. Taking the body out of alignment with gravity fires the core stability muscles and develops integrated, whole-body strength and dynamic flexibility.

The Bodhi Suspension System offers four potential points of suspension to maximize stability training and proprioception while providing many options for creativity. Learn essential exercises and how to create balanced class sequences using Balanced Body’s unique track system.

The ideal complement to a Pilates or personal training practice, Bodhi adds standing, balance, and stability elements that bodies respond to and enjoy. Bodhi instructor training provides instructors with everything needed to teach a variety of formats, from small group personal training to circuit training to private sessions. Re-ignite your studio and excite your bodies with the Bodhi Suspension System!

Cost: $500 plus $80 materials

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