At Ulu Love, we offer a variety of group classes, including mat Pilates, yoga, barre, circuit, and MOTR/Bodhi.

Our intimate studio provides students an opportunity to learn in a supportive environment with highly trained instructors and small class sizes. Our student to teacher ratio means that we will know your name, and your needs, so you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Balanced Yoga

The mixed level class consists of a gradually progressive asana sequence to encourage flexibility, balance, and a relaxed state of mind. Rather than ‘flowing’ through poses, asanas are held for several breaths, to deepen the experience of each posture.  Strength building and preparation for the intermediate level asanas (for students who desire) shall occur as a natural result of regular attendance. This is a mixed level class and students of any skill level are welcome to attend.


Our very own, Barre class blends pilates, dance and yoga movements to give you an all body workout. You will burn calories, build muscle and increase your flexibility. Oh, and its lots of fun!

Pre-registration recommended.


This class takes mat Pilates and kicks it up a notch. You will get a total body workout, with cardio and muscle toning all in one class.

Dynamic Pilates

This is your regular Pilates equipment class picked up a notch (or two)! This class combines the lengthening exercises of Pilates with muscle toning and cardio training while utilizing multiple pieces of equipment. This class will be sure to give your fitness level and bump up! If you’re looking for an action packed hour of fun and hard work, this is the class for you!

Flow Yoga

Our Flow Yoga classes provide students a dynamic journey into asana (postures), pranayama (breath control) and relaxation techniques in a flowing, graceful and challenging dance of yoga. Sequences are designed to cultivate core strength, endurance, flexibility, concentration and stability, all while having fun and getting in touch with your breath and body.


If you’re looking for some variety in your workouts, look no further! This class is a combination of exercises performed on the MOTRs and Bodhi Ropes (the world’s fist four point suspension training system). In this 55 minute class we focus on muscle toning, balance and coordination work, and of course LOTS of core work! When utilizing these two pieces of equipment, the options are endless and no two classes will be the same. Oh, did we mention you’ll find muscles you didn’t even know existed? A must try class for sure!

Mat Barre

Think Mat Pilates meets Barre! This is a fun twist on our loved Barre class. Fun, choreographed exercises performed from the comfort of your own mat combined with upbeat music will make this a class that you’ll love! Get ready to feel the burn!

Mat Pilates

Developed by Joseph Pilates as a physical therapy program, mat work focuses on core stabilization, concentration, control, breath and flowing movement performed in a precise manner. This is a mixed level class that welcomes beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.

Ulu Circuit

Our Ulu Circuit class infuses the best of everything into this action packed hour. With a variety of props like MOTR, Bodhi, weights, bands, balls, etc. this class is completely different from one day to the next. Targeting specific muscle groups, balance, core strength, and cardio will make for a fun and eventful hour! While interlacing the solid principles of yoga and Pilates, this class will leave feeling well worked and wanting more!

Yin Yoga

When you’re in need of deep relaxation & rejuvenation this class is for you. This restorative style yoga class allows the body and mind to completely let go. Poses are typically held for long periods of time, in a supported way, in this slow paced style of yoga. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, clear, and ready for your life! This class is for ALL LEVELS and no prior experience is needed.

Yoga Sculpt

Take what you think you know about yoga and leave it at the door when you walk into Yoga Sculpt. This one hour class incorporates some of the flow we find in vinyasa yoga with the strength and toning you’ll find in our barre or circuit classes. Get ready to de-stress and have fun all at the same time!

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