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New Ulu Love students enjoy 30 days of consecutive yoga, barre, and Pilates group classes for just $30.

30 days for $30

June & July Promotion

For all Ulu members, every guest they bring into the studio who signs up for a 30 for 30 gets a $10 credit to their account the following month. We will be running this promotion through the months of June and July. There is no limit to the amount of credit you can receive!!


Welcome to Ulu Love Fitness Studio in Rocklin, CA

An Ulu (Oo-loo) is a multi purpose knife used by women all over the world dating back to at least 2500 bc. It was used in everything from building homes to preparing food.  The Ulu was handed down generation to generation and they believed their ancestors knowledge was passed with it. Because of the unique shape of the knife the strength comes from the center. Just as in the fundamental principles of Pilates Yoga and Barre. Your body is a multi purpose tool. Increase the strength in your center. Find your knowledge within.

Center Your Strength.

What others are saying

The instructors are very attentive and allow you to learn your practice independently with your own body’s capability. Consistent teaching and many class options for your needs.
Kierstin S.
By far, [Ulu Love] is the best studio! Their classes are beyond amazing, and their instructors are friendly and full of knowledge!
Meghan G.